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Ok changes are always painful, and people don’t like often change in their life, but what if changes are inevitable, we are talking about a new feature where Roblox introduce Anthro Avatars with R30 rig. Now players are divided on this issue of adding Avatars of high Rig when R15 itself is not performing as per the player imagination. According to study only 25% games support R15 Rig and almost 75% players wish to play Roblox character on these platforms as R15 Rig characters.

So, what is Anthro Avatars and what it holds for Roblox Future?

Roblox has just introduced New avatars which are the more human-like face and which can give you a higher level of gameplay as this is made with R30 Rig. If you want to check out the comparison, you can check the image below and decide yourself how your character will look when you use this option in the game.

Why is Roblox forcing Antra Avatars to the users?

You all will agree on one thing that Roblox was release in 2005, and now at the time of writing this article, it is 2019. So, after 14 years of resisting new technology, Roblox has decided to embrace new technology and decided to change there very own box character which is made with R6 Rig.

Roblox is facing much more resistance from other big game company where they make it more realistic game with the realistic environment. If you cannot embrace technology, you will be obsolete in no time, we have seen many big games which did not embrace technology and gone in oblivion.

Roblox new avtar

So, to counter all those games which have created a new market, Roblox takes a jump into that segment with an introduction to new Avatar called Anthro made with R30 Rig.

Why is Roblox Anthro necessary?

Roblox Anthro is necessary to counter several games which have the same gameplay as Roblox and has a massive online presence. Roblox game platform is changing and sooner or later all the games which are on Roblox platform will embrace this change and will start making a game which can be used by Roblox Anthro avatar.

Roblox Anthro avatar is made with R30 Rig, whereas all games which are present in the Roblox Platform, are made to support R6 and R15 rig. Now it will be interesting to note how these big games will make an amendment and start supporting R30 Rig.

Roblox Anthro is necessary due to these reasons

  • Roblox platform did not implement new technologies for ages
  • It has been more than 14 years when Roblox start implementing new technologies
  • Roblox Games are facing stiff resistance from other game developers to adopt new technology or become obsolete
  • Heavy competition from all gaming console to adopt new technology
  • All games are fashion on same box shape clueless avatars
  • No advancement on Avatar front

How to get Roblox Anthro Free

Roblox Anthro are free to download and are available in your Inventory. If you did not find free Roblox Anthro in your account, then follow these steps to get it.

  • Open your Inventory
  • Click on Models under the category page on the left side of your screen
  • Check you will find “Test by Roblox free” as the human shape model

This is your Basic Roblox Anthro model which you need to have in your inventory if you want to play using this character.

We want to advise user here that many games do not support Roblox Anthro and you will find many glitches or some weird looking strange character if any Roblox games did not support R30 rig. So, don’t panic and change back to your old R6 character rig if you found any glitch attach to any games.

How to use Roblox Anthro?

Follow these steps to use Roblox Anthro

  • Open any games which support Roblox Anthro or open Roblox Studio and select any template there
  • Now click on toolbox present in the top menu
  • Now click on “my models” option present in the left side scroll bar
  • Select the “test model” present there
  • Right click on that and select it property which will be on the right bottom side of your screen.
  • Rename the character name and click on the start button present in the menu bar.
  • You Roblox Anthro will come alive, and you will start playing with it

Final words

Roblox Anthro is a welcome change to an old game which is dragging its feet since 2005 if you don’t want to use this new avatar, you can choose your R6 Models, but change is evitable, and sooner or later you need to upgrade your box looking character to more realistic looking characters.